How To Start A Profitable Snow Cone Business With Less Investment

How to start a profitable shave ice business

Guys, here we will talk about “How to start Snowie snow cone business”.

Everyone relaxing their summer in the swimming pool. But you can think about how you can make a profit from those summer days. The margins are incredible in this business, so book your profit now. Here is the place where you may get all details about how to start a snow cone or shaved ice business in a profitable way.

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You can make both money and people happy at the same time with Snowie’s shaved ice business. Starting a new business is might be simple or also hard, it depends on how you know about it. Follow some steps given below and Book your shaved ice business now! Best shaved ice machines for commercial use are also here.

Snow Cone Business Plan:

Follow each and every step:

1) Interest levels:

First, you need to determine, are the people interested in shaving ice? If you got such a question then we give you an answer. Yes, most people show interest in shaving ice or snow cone, especially on hot summer days.How to start a profitable snow cone business The above graph is of the past 5 years searched for “snow cone near me”. According to the graph, you can see that the interest of people in snow cones is an increase over year by year.

Here some cities in the united states in which you can start your shaved ice business with high profit.

Las Vegas
El Paso
Los Angeles
Key West

2) Understand the numbers:

You need to perform a cost-benefit analysis before shaving the ice stand setup. Need to find out avg. daily sales, daily wages, daily overhead, the daily cost of goods sold, avg. the daily profit which in turns is monthly profit. You may understand the snow cone business profit by the following example.

Average Daily Sales $1,200
Daily Wages $295
Daily Overhead $64
Daily Cost of Goods Sold $144
Average Daily Profit $697
Monthly Profit $20,910

Let’s go to see the actual snow cone business profit of some of the top snow cone businesses. I think everyone knows about the company Bahama Bucks. It covered most of the parts of the united states such as California, Texas, Nevada, and other top ones. In 2015 the average gross sales of this company were $463,387. It’s great.

3) Choose the location:

While choosing a location to start a shave ice business you need to focus on some points. That is Landing a location near a community center, a college, or a park. Then do a Google search for surrounding shaved ice shops. Take knowledge of surrounding businesses. See if there are ordinances or zoning restrictions around your desired location. At last, also see parking and accessibility.

4) Obtain a Business License:

If you are a first-time go to start a business then take care of all legalities. Obtain a business permit or license, get a federal employer identification number, and pass health and safety inspections.

5) Know about start-up costs:

Everyone wants to earn more and more money but no one wants to spend it. Every business needs to invest some money. This investment in our shave ice business may be on location rent, buying supplies, electricity, ice shaver machine, flavoring, and other required accessories.

6) Start your snow cone business:

Starting your own business with your own stand will get more benefits. To start a snow cone business you need to collect or buy a snow cone machine, snow cone flavoring, cup & straws, bowls, and other required accessories. We are the source of all these accessories. Book your shaved ice business profit now.

Shave Ice or Snow Cone Business Names:

To identify your shave ice shop you need to give a certain name. When naming your shaved ice business, you may want it identifies easily by children. That’s why the name should be easy, short, bright, and related to a snow cone. We have suggested some best snow cone business names here.

  • Iced Up
  • Icy Times
  • Crystal Ice
  • Shaved Ice
  • Ice Lovers
  • Milkie’s Shave Ice
  • Ice Gola
  • Icy Delights
  • Snowbiz Cones
  • Hawaiian Snow

Equipment required to Start Snow Cone Business:

Is snow cone business a good business?

Yes, starting a snow cone business means the way towards a lot of money. This business start with low startup cost and less overhead. It’s a great opportunity for the first business because each sale produces a large profit.

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